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Selected Interesting Astronomical WWW Sites
Minor Planet Center
- the most important Web site for those, who are interested in astrometry of minor planets and comets; orbital elements, minor planet names, various lists and plots, The Minor Planet Electronic Circulars
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
- the CBAT is responsible for the dissemination of information on transient astronomical events via the IAU Circulars
NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office
at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Spaceguard Foundation
- the association aimed at the protection of the Earth environment against the bombardment of objects of the solar system (comets and asteroids)
Spaceguard UK
- the Spaceguard UK is the lead British non-governmental organisation devoted to the impact threat and planetary defense
- the profesional search programme for NEAs
Catalina Sky Survey
- the profesional search programme for NEAs
- Near Earth Asteroids Tracking Team at Haleakala reports several discoveries of NEOs each month
- the most productive profesional search programme for NEAs
- follow-up astrometry of NEOs and other unusual objects
Lowell Observatory
- the most complete free catalog of asteroid orbits 'astorb.dat'; the perspective Lowell Observatory Near Earth Objects Searching programme (LONEOS)
USNO-B1.0 reference catalog
- the best catalog for astrometry of faint asteroids and comets with small field of view; mean density 1328 stars per square degree
University of Victoria
- follow-up astrometry of minor planets and comets
- Ondrejov NEO Photometric Program
- Survey of Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur Nice and DLR - Institute of Planetary Exploration Berlin
Astronomical institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences
- Solar physics, Interplanetary matter, Fireballs, Stellar astronomy
Astronomical Institute of the Charles University
- Lectures, Relativistic astrophysics, Interplanetary matter, Celestial mechanics, Stellar photometry
Astrophysics Division of Masaryk University, Brno
Undergraduate and graduate courses in Astronomy, Cold Stars, Variable Stars, Practical Astrophysics, Physics of Stellar Atmospheres
European Asteroid Research Node
- European Near-Earth Asteroids Search Observatories
Email Guide for Astronomy People and Places
- electronic-mail addresses for more than 10,000 astronomers
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