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KleŁ numbered minor planets

Long-term photographic search programme for minor planets was begun at the KleŁ Observatory at the end of seventies using 0.63-m Maksutov telescope (1977-1996), but with insufficient respect to long-arc follow-up astrometry. More than two thousands of provisore designations were given to new KleŁ discoveries. Since 1993 targeted follow-up astrometry of KleŁ candidates has been performed with 0.57-m reflector equipped with CCD camera and reliable orbits for many previous KleŁ discoveries were determined. This telescope we also use for follow-up astrometry of NEOs and comets. Since 2002 we used new 1.06-m KLENOT Telescope, especially for NEO follow-up astrometry.

Important CCD discoveries you can find HERE

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